Our People

The strength of the team is each individual member...the strength of each member is the team."

- Phil Jackson

Our team of employees at Kootenay Industries Ltd. are well trained and knowledgeable in their individual areas within this organization. Kootenay’s key office personnel are as follows:

Photo of Ken TraversKen Travers
Manager of Sales & Administration / Principal

A co-founder of Kootenay Industries Ltd. with 24 years of customer service experience, and over 15 years experience in a fabrication facility, Ken Travers provides undeniable customer service, and product design solutions to meet each client’s specific needs.

Photo of Aaron HalifaxAaron Halifax
Manager of operations / Principal

A co-founder of Kootenay Industries Ltd. with extensive experience and detailed knowledge in the fabrication of quality process equipment.  Aaron has over 24 years of construction experience and 18 years in a fabrication facility. Aaron’s focus is sending out products on time without compromising quality.

Photo of Alissa AdrianAlissa Adrian
Estimating / Project Manager

Ms. Adrian has over 14 years of customer service experience, and over 9 years experience in a fabrication facility. Alissa’s main focus is meeting each customer’s specific needs and expectations through organization, dedication, and specific project knowledge.

Photo of Kurtis MartinKurtis Martin
Shop Manager

Kurtis‘s main focus is providing quality products through the knowledge of each individual clients specific specifications and requirements. Kurtis holds a journeyman instrumentation technician ticket, and with his over 14 years hands on experience in the fabrication of process equipment Kurtis ensures the quality and efficiency of all equipment Kootenay fabricates.

Photo of Ken SlenKen Slen
Drafting Manager / Project Coordinator

Mr. Slen has over 23 years of drafting experience, and 21 years within the oil and gas industry.  Ken is an experienced and knowledgeable designer, and through these skills is detailed and efficient in his respective field. Ken‘s knowledge of each individual client’s preferences, specifications, and needs helps provide exceptional drawing packages.

Photo of Tracy OlahTracy Olah
Quality Control Manager

Tracy has over 14 years of experience in quality control within a fabrication facility. Tracy’s main focus is keeping detailed material and testing records for each individual project as well as assisting ABSA inspectors and customer inspectors to ensure all projects meet specific codes and requirements. Tracy also provides detailed and organized QC and Operation manuals for each project.

Photo of Elizabeth BlythElizabeth (Betsy) Blyth

Ms. Blyth has work experience in customer service and construction as well as an educational back ground in business, electrical, and safety. Betsy’s work experience and education has provided her with the organizational skills to provide a cost-effective and efficient way to procure all material required for fabrication.